Global Summit, The Peace Game

Global Summit, the Peace Game is a strategic card game for 1-6 players ages 10 and up. Players represent nations using economic, political, and social resources to resolve threats to world peace. Players also respond to events at home affecting available resources. Everyone wins if they maintain peace as well as the balance of international power. Playing time is about 30 minutes.

Global Summit is a collaborative game. This means that all players must work together and will either win or lose together. Players compete against the non-human elements of the game instead of against each other. Children and youth like collaborative games because one player does not win while the others lose. Through cooperation everyone enjoys the game and gets a sense of accomplishment regardless of the outcome, which makes it particularly useful in a Religious Education setting.

Global Summit is easy to learn and play. Parents will enjoy working with their children towards the game’s worthwhile goal. In a classroom setting, the game can be used to help children and youth learn more about complex world problems and international relations. It can be especially useful in Sessions dealing with social action and peacemaking activities. Each game includes a glossary of terms used and a reading list of books about peace and games that encourage cooperation.

Our children face a more complex and challenging world than ever before. Global Summit encourages both children and adults to solve problems together. Competition may help children and youth improve certain abilities and personality skills. However, that it is just as important that they experience the rewards of learning to compromise.