Sauntering: Wandering the Path of Mystical Omnitheism

Sauntering is written for people who are questioning their beliefs and looking for meaning, purpose or answers to the big questions in life – people who call themselves “spiritual but not religious,” or nonreligious, or even agnostic or atheist. The book offers advice on how to open your body, mind and spirit to new insights without resorting to complicated spiritual practices or time-consuming meditative arts. By sauntering, one explores the path of Mystical Omnitheism – the idea that ours is only one of countless universes and planes of existence – and that all existence is god. Everything is sacred, and every person and everything that exists is important. Sauntering opens the door to mystical experiences with all universes.”Many religions teach that salvation depends on a loving, accepting, and obedient relationship with God. Adherents of these faiths communicate with God through prayer. They show their devotion to God through the acts, such as communal worship. They commit to a moral code established by the human voices of God in ancient history and periodically adapted over the centuries by religious leaders.

Other religions teach that enlightenment requires that you shed the illusory trappings of our mortal plane of existence. Only by disengaging from suffering, or from attachment to worldly things can you reconnect with the original source of life. Adherents of these faiths pursue the path of meditation and reflection. They show their devotion through acts of sacrifice and by following codes of duty and behavior established by ancient teachers and cultural traditions.

But, what if you believe that the god of your ancestors is a fantasy invented to numb us into conformity and controlled living? What if you care about people and the world here and now – not just in what happens after death – and you want to work to make things better? You find little solace in churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques. You grow quickly bored with yoga and meditation. You find no connection with the narrow-minded dogma of any of the so-called organized religions. And you find no hopeful and loving message in nonbelief or atheism. What can you believe in that satisfies your emotional needs and your intellectual reasoning? How can you sustain and strengthen your belief that your life matters?

Through the spiritual practice of sauntering, or mindful wandering, you can learn how to open yourself to the world around you and connect to possible realities beyond the known universe. Omnitheism recognizes that you, every animal and plant, every molecule in every galaxy is equal and all equate to the traditional construct of god. The Omnitheist believes that all existence is a unity of “godness,” an interconnected and interdependent oneness. Mystical Omnitheism takes the view that our known world is only one of many universes and planes of existence. The omniverse interacts in ways that we can perceive if we open our senses and our spirits. Often, we can derive meaning from these interactions. Through mystical tools of awareness, we can improve our capacity to perceive and find meaning in the intersections of all elements of existence – meaning that we can apply to improving our own lives and our world.

And, when the end does come, Mystical Omnitheism suggests that we remain part of this ultimate perfection of unity. We become part of the spiritual flow of all things, omniscient and omnipresent.” (from the back cover)

Unitarian Universalist Religious Education Curricula for Junior and Senior High School

sacred-threads-coverI have phased out the direct sale of hard copies of my curricula.  Each is available as a pdf file or on a Compilation CD containing all of my curricula.  Churches are permitted to make copies of purchased curricula for their own use. Seven curricula on one disk in pdf format (135 Sessions, nearly 1,000 pages, and six school years of religious education resources for junior and senior high Unitarian Universalist youth)

  • Living in UUville – Exploring the Unitarian Universalist Purposes and Principles for junior and/or senior high school youth
  • Paradigms Lost and Regained – Sacred life skills for junior and/or senior high school classes with an adult supplement
  • Heresy Apparent – Unitarian Universalist heritage for junior and/or senior high school classes
  • Sacred Threads – Asian religions curriculum for high school classes, recently revised with nearly 50% new additional material
  • Thinking the Web – Moral issues curriculum for high school classes, recently revised with 33% more material and updated resources
  • Truth and Meaning – Western religions curriculum for high school classes
  • Dare to Know – Humanism and Western philosophy curriculum for high school classes
  • Global Summit 2.0 – Week long theme activity for up to 75 junior and high school youth, especially adaptable for camp settings
  • Global Summit, the Peace Game – Card game where players work together to resolve global conflict to maintain world peace, for ages 10 and up
  • Youth Group Walking Tour of Downtown Boston – I developed this for our youth group in 2005.  It takes about two hours, starting at 25 Beacon and ending at Fanueil Hall
  • Why high school religious education? … Why not? – These are some short responses to common questions I have received over the years about high school RE
  • Bridging Ceremony readings – I delivered these homilies at the Bridging Ceremonies at the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh
  • Racovia Today – A five-session multigenerational curriculum experience on community building both for individuals and for society.  This is available for free download.