Living in UUville

Exploring Unitarian Universalist Purposes and Principles for
Junior and Senior High School Youth

Living in UUville is a 10-Session program for youth by youth. While the program can be led or co-led by adults, each Session is specifically designed to be led by a team of youth leaders. The program can be used with junior and/or senior high school youth (7th to 12th grades).

The goals of Living in UUville are to give youth an opportunity to explore the full meaning of principles of Unitarian Universalism in their lives within an environment that encourages individual initiative as well as teamwork in pursuit of multiple goals. The program activities encourage youth to think about their own religious beliefs that will promote their own spiritual growth.

The Sessions in Living in UUville apply the principles of Unitarian Universalism to real life issues and problems.

Sessions One/Two – Dialogue about the language and specific interpretations of the Unitarian Universalist principles
Sessions Three/Four – The Michael Servetus Academy, a junior and senior high school for Unitarian Universalists
Sessions Five/Six – UUville, a modern city in which the citizens are all Unitarian Universalists
Sessions Seven/Eight – The Unitarian Universalist States of America (UUSA) in which the citizens are all Unitarian Universalists
Sessions Nine/Ten – A global summit as representatives of an Earth where everyone is Unitarian Universalist

For most Sessions of Living in UUville, youth participating in the program will create characters that they will role play. This is done by consulting the Characteristic Charts and rolling 20-sided dice (all provided with the program) a number of times to determine the character’s basic abilities and other defining attributes. The program materials provide ample introductions to role playing and a wide range of hints for the youth leaders.