Speaking against RFRA Legislation, 2014

I strongly believe in having hardcopy and electronic versions of every sermon available for those who cannot attend the service, and so that members can share the messages. I upload electronic copies of my sermons on my Google Drive and link them to Facebook. I currently have most of my sermons from January 2014 to the present posted.

You can also find a few other sermons and presentations on my current Youtube Channel. When I served the Smithton congregation from 2010-11, I also produced videos that you can view here.

This photo was taken in December 2014 on the capitol steps in Lansing. I was asked to preach about the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act by a group of college student activists. That speech can be viewed here.

Although we have explored podcasting and recording services in Midland, the congregation lacks the resources and personnel to maintain a weekly effort.  I have, however, continued to explore media.  For instance, I have created Powerpoint presentations for most of my sermons for the past 18 months.  Here is one I used for an intergenerational service I led this past Thanksgiving (using an adaptation of the story Click, Clack, Moo).  I also continue to explore various methods of recording.

For instance, in 2014, Jody and I drove to Raleigh NC to participate in the Rev. Dr. William Barber’s call for a Moral Monday march.  I recorded a sermon on the trip that you can view here.  I posted this sermon online the next day so the congregation could view it that Sunday. Jody recorded a recent sermon from December 4, 2016 that you can view here.