Oscar’s Muse Burrow

Oscar here, the world’s first Unitarian Universalist groundhog. While Jeff is in the other room taking a nap (it was a rough service this morning!), I thought that I would stop in and type hello to all of his loyal readers. A lot of you has asked me, what about Unitarian Universalism appeals to me, that is, as a groundhog? Well, I have to admit a particular fondness for the seventh principle, the one about the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. I mean, it isn’t about revering Nature…I am Nature, after all!

But, then, as I see it, we are all part of Nature. And that brings me back to the first principle. the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Now, I’m no Punxatawney Phil-osopher (heh, heh!), but I saw the faces of the people coming out of the Worship Room on Sunday. Many of them looked right into my eyes, shook my paw, and talked to me (I think Jeff was getting just a little jealous). I really felt welcomed by everyone. I felt like a person, which is the way we want all of our visitors to feel.

And, another thing while we’re on the topic of “persons.” I helped Jeff in the pulpit today while the children were still in the worship service. It did these ol‘ woodchuck eyes good to see those precious faces and the innocent smiles of those pups looking back at me. The world can be a tough place, so I love talking to the child in all of us on Sunday mornings.

Uh oh, I hear Jeff stirring, so I better sign off for now. TTFN (ta-ta for now!)

2 thoughts on “Oscar’s Muse Burrow

  1. Sadly my experience has not been so wonderful at a UU church. I have been there twice, and have had almost nobody speak to me. I say nobody, because I asked where the sanctuary was and the person told me. The service was beautiful and moving though. 🙂


  2. Dear Monk,
    I would encourage you not to give up, especially if you liked the service. If you give the church another try, speak to the minister after the service and I am sure he/she can introduce you to some other folk. Hospitality is something that some churches of all denominations struggle with. Good luck.


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