Intangibles. Intangibles pack our lives, from the depth of love that causes us to weep to the collective exultation of thousands as their home team scores winning points.

After the worship service today, the buzz in the coffee hour lived. The energy of those present flowed like current through a hot wire and filled the kitchen with the vibrant sound of excitement. Conversations rose and crashed like waves across the tables and you could sense the ideas flickering across the room like the light bulbs of an old-time theatre marquee.

I couldn’t be happier. When we write sermons, we can never be sure how congregants will receive them. What will people take from our talk? Will people hear the message we intended to transmit? Did the service we designed give people the opportunity to be with each other in spiritual communion; to connect with something beyond our mundane experience; perhaps even to glimpse that nanosecond of ecstasy?

The buzz today gave me my answer, at least for this week. When you look for that intangibles, keeping your senses attuned to the vibrations around you, you never know what impact they can have.