General Assembly: Opportunities

This amazing week of talking, singing, listening, and worshipping continues here is Charlotte.  Yesterday, we heard a number of reports during the Plenary sessions that gave me great hope.  Both reports gave me tasks to pass onto my new congregants at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland as possible new initiatives.

During his report on the activities of the UU-UNO (Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office), Bruce Knotts related the enormous impact we have in that body.  From women’s rights, to the safety of children, to the protection of LGBT individuals, Unitarian Universalists are at the forefront of United Nations efforts.

Our office in the UN works with a network of congregational representative network of Envoys.  Envoys connect the congregation to the UU United Nations Office and get important information on current UN activities.  They receive information on our program initiatives and then plan events in their congregation to promote the program.  Envoys are extremely valuable to the UU United Nations Office because they are the link between the office and the global UU community.

As someone committed to the work and purposes of the United Nations, I hope to enlist someone in my new congregation willing to serve this important function.  Being connected to the United Nations is one important way to stay in touch with the entire world, bringing our message to people everywhere and helping people in need or whose rights are being abused.

In another report Bill Schulz, former President of the Unitarian Universalist Association and subsequently President of Amnesty International, reported on new initiatives being undertaken by the UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee).  As Schulz powerfully articulated, the UUSC is involved in basic and simple efforts to help people access potable water, find economic justice, and end torture across the world.  He announced the creation of the College of Social Justice, designed to give all Unitarian Universalists the chance the opportunity to live out their religious values through an institution founded on UU values through learning on on-site service opportunities.  I hope to encourage every member of my new congregation to join the UUSC in its important work.

So, get ready Midland.  We are going to rock the world!

3 thoughts on “General Assembly: Opportunities

  1. “…access potable water, find economic justice, and end torture across the world….”

    Whay is there no U-U message on ending “dumb war”? Obama said he was aginst that before we elected him. Are they all of a sudden smart wars now, these occupations we are currently engaged in?


  2. Dear R.W. – I do apologize for the tardiness. Over the past few weeks, I have packed all of my life's belongings and moved to the city of my new called position. Now that I am settled and working, I will be more diligent in attending to my blog on a regular basis.


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