Get in the Game!

Recently, I have found myself at odds with my dear mother’s teachings.  All my life, she instructed me that if I couldn’t say something nice about someone, not to say anything at all.  Well, Mom, wherever you are, I’m sorry.

After fighting against the outrageous assault on reproductive freedom taking place here in Michigan for the last few months, I didn’t think I could get angrier.  I was wrong.  The recent comments by Rep. Todd Akin and others like him who emerge from under similar rocks have left me beyond furious this week.  The brainless and unwarranted dogmatism of these elected officials staggers the active mind.  I simply cannot comprehend the mindset of a nation that condones murdering children in other lands for oil, despoiling the earth our children must live in despite overwhelming evidence to its impact, increasing easy access to mass killing weapons that daily steal us of our loved ones – but – willing to trample our most intimate privacy and every woman’s right to self-determination and medical care, all to protect a blob of cells that happen to possess human DNA and absolutely no evidence of anything resembling human personhood.

Men!  Football season has arrived and it is time for you to get off the bench and into the game!  Rise up in solidarity with your sisters and daughters facing this reactionary siege of anti-intellectualism and hatred.  Stand with your wives and mothers whose most sacred rights are being raped by hypocrites who have sold our representative democracy to stuff their off-shore banks accounts with the billions of a handful of hyper-wealthy extremists.  Ally yourselves with all women – your elders and children, your neighbors and friends, your sexual partners – being shackled by modern-day moral slavers whose insecurity regarding the power of women, their minds and their spiritual strength turns them into single-minded assassins of the very freedoms and democracy they were elected to defend and the well-being of our country.

Tell these uneducated morons that they are wrong.  Tell these zealots that their personal religious views must be checked at the door when they represent us in our government.  Tell these partisan robots that you will vote them out in November and elect people who will listen to the voices of women.  Tell these theocrats that they are not “pro-life;” they are anti-woman, anti-family, and anti-freedom,

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