Recent Activity

I have been cheating on the muse kennel and pizzatorium.  I found another blog.  But fear not, dear readers, I have not forsaken my blog for another.

I was recently asked to become a contributing writer to the online blog of the Midland Daily News.  Since the paper has a reputation of leaning to the conservative side, I welcomed the opportunity to present a progressive voice.

I will be posting weekly on timely issues, and usually on issues of social import with justice implications.  Now that I have settled in and received an enthusiastic (?!) welcome from some of the local regulars, I will cross post to the paper and to the pizzatorium/

Also, BIG NEWS!!!  My e-book is up and available for purchase on AmazonSauntering: Wandering the Path of Mystical Omnitheism offers beginning advice on how to open your body, mind and spirit to new insights without resorting to complicated spiritual practices or time-consuming meditative arts. By sauntering, you explore the path of Mystical Omnitheism – the idea that ours is only one of countless universes and planes of existence – and that all existence is god, everything is sacred, and that you and everything that exists is important. Sauntering opens the door to mystical experiences with all universes.

After years of trying meditation and prayer, various arts and devotional activities, I always returned to the spiritual practice that worked for me – sauntering – the act of mindful wandering. I offer tips on how to use this spiritual practice in your life. With each chapter, I also include reflections on my own saunters through woods, along railroad tracks, or through city streets (some of these saw their first publication here in the muse kennel).

As a long-time atheist, I have found the hard line attitude of most atheists combative and unrealistic. In a world where people want the good that religion has to offer, I feel that the answer is not to reject all religion, but to find a cosmology that allowed one to live a useful religious life – one dedicated to helping others and to making the world a better place.