Truth and Meaning: Who I Am

Truth and Meaning: Who I Am

A few days ago, someone wrote in response to my most recent post. The writer took issue with me on a number of issues. The arguments were not new and call for no new responses.

However, at the end of the rant, the writer asked, “who do you think you are?” Here is my reply.

  • I am a father and a husband who believes that men who abuse women and children are cowards and bullies, and that men must speak out against our culture of rape and violence.
  • I am a straight ally working to help everyone to live according to their sexual orientation and gender identity, and toward a society without discrimination against people for who they love.
  • I am a religious person who needs no creed or threat of godly punishment to live a caring and honest life, and who respects all those who love their neighbors.
  • I am a feminist who believes that all of the sisters and daughters should control their bodies and their medical choices, and that all women should be free to make their own family planning and life decisions.
  • I am an anti-racist who believes that people who hate others on the basis of their skin color or ethnicity are ignorant and hateful, and that those who refuse to call out such bigotry are complicit in its evil.
  • I am a citizen who believes in duty and performing public service that benefits all people and not just the rich and the people in our society born with privilege.
  • I am a student of history who understands that greatness comes from commitment and ideals and not from brutality and bullets.
  • I am a man who believes that manhood is defined by character, compassion, and reason and not by intimidation, force, and rage.
  • I am a dreamer who sees a future world without hunger or untreated illness; a world working to eradicate the causes of war – greed, violence, inequality – and the oppression they produce.
  • I am one voice speaking a message of hope and love and listening for other voices to join in the chorus.