Catching Up

Recent events in the fair state of Michigan have conspired to keep me very busy. The unconscionable acts of corrupt officials and the inhumane attitude of politicians and their corporate keepers leave little time for the daily tasks of ministry.  As a result, I have not been keeping my contributions to the Midland Daily News posted to my blog for the past two months.

Since my submissions are now taking the form more often of printed editorials and not online blog postings, the paper has decided to eliminate the blog from its site.  As a result, I have caught up, posting my writings from the past two months here to the pizzatorium for posterity.

“Truth and Meaning” will continue in newspaper print form roughly once a month (or more often if the state of affairs demand).  But I will be returning to more regular muse kennel submissions as well for those of you who follow this blog (thank you!)

Rev. Jeff