My muse

So, I have this muse. I have not named it. Nor do I have any cute depictions of its appearance. I only know that it is untamed, and perhaps untamable. But, sometimes, it appears when I least expect and I find myself fumbling for paper and pencil in the dark of my bedroom, or up at 3:00 a.m. typing on a keyboard.

My goal is not really to control my muse, as I sense that to be a fool’s errand. I would, however, appreciate it if my muse kept more regular hours. Nonetheless, I love my muse and wish to keep it happy and well fed.

In part, that is one reason for this blog. You see, I believe that a well-fed muse is a happy muse. And a happy muse keeps churning out new ideas and inspirations, which is a must for a minister.

Why a pizzatorium? Well, pizzeria, pizza parlor, and pizza palace are all rather common names. Pizzatorium possesses just that hint of authority – sort of like calling a podium a pulpit. And, given the choice of only one type of food on a desert island (or however else you would like to phrase the question), I would choose pizza (specifically Mineo’s Pizza, from here in Pittsburgh).

So, if you have a muse that keeps you up all hours, despair not. Like teenagers, it is their job to push your buttons and challenge your paradigms. Embrace your muse.

And feed it regularly.