No, not the snack crackers. Combos as in combinations. Combos are a recurring theme in my life. I firmly believe that everyone possesses talents and that few of us ever really get the chance to hone those talents to their maximum potential. It took many years, but I eventually realized that I had a talent for combining ideas in unique ways. I always had a gift for making connections or recognizing similar threads in different concepts.

Also, I have always had a fondness for those old-fashioned stores that provided two wildly different products or services. Like hardware stores with post offices in them. Or those gas stations down south that serve fantastic ribs in the back. That’s why my blog depicts two major themes.

Of course, the key to a successful combo is that the product of the combination must exceed the sum of the separate components. Whether my muse kennel and pizzatorium will succeed as a combo remains to be seen. If you are reading this, then it has already succeeded on a very basic level. It piqued your curiosity. Now that I have your attention, I hope that my combo will plant seeds of ideas and nurture them into maturity.