So, why a blog? (reason #2)

In the past year, I have performed about a dozen weddings and unions. Surprising me have been the number of couples who met online. With the maturation of the internet as a communication device and the advent of MySpace and similar sites, bulletin boards, and blogs, the web is clearly a prevalent form of human interaction in our society today. To ignore it would be as foolish as ignoring the telephone.

I have had a personal computer since the Commodore Vic-20 and have tried to keep pace with the insane pace of technological advances in the past few decades. I will admit to being a little slow on certain things, but I think I do a fairly good job at least at keeping literate. I have participated in email discussion groups and the odd board or two, but now I think it is time to enter the blogosphere.

In part, I see this blog as an extension of reason #1. As I develop my ministry more fully, I not only need to reflect, but also interact with others. I want to share my reflections and listen to what others have to say, whether it is part of their shared voyage, or their observations and critiques. A blog is an especially important tool for someone like me, who tends to be somewhat intimidating in conversation. I do try to be courteous, but sometimes, I can be somewhat strident in expressing myself. So, a blog is an equalizer, forcing me to articulate my thoughts clearly and enabling others to respond on a level playing field.

Welcome to the conversation.