So, why a blog? (reason #3)

My ministry for many years served Unitarian Universalist youth. When was created (a web community of UU youth and young adults) I joined. I even began a journal, which was the first time I ever attempted such a record in my life. My primary motivation was to share with youth and young adults my progress into the formal ministry, in part to give back to the community that had given me so much over the years.

Even though I had been a committed youth advisor for many years, however, I always felt like a bit of a lurker on the site. Once I got more involved in student activities at Meadville Lombard Theological School, my journal entries declined and I drifted away from FUUSE.

With a blog, though, I see the importance of that original purpose returning. I know that there are people out there who think, from time to time, about what it is like to be a minister. As public figures, I believe that ministers owe it to congregants and any interested parties to share their personal spiritual journeys and help people chart their own paths through life.

My decision to pursue fellowship with Unitarian Universalist ministers was not an easy one and I have paid a price for that decision. But, I don’t regret my decision for one second. If the notion of being a UU minister has crossed your mind, perhaps my thoughts can be of some help as you reflect on your decision.